Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stack-On DS-22 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet, Great table top drawer set. in my opinion

A couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the Stack-On DS-22 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet, so i would like to describe here.

Stack-On DS-22 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet

From the Manufacturer Drawer storage cabinets for fasteners crafts home and office - Multi-drawer design for storing a wide variety of parts and supplies. See-through drawers for quick identifi cation of contents. Large ribbed drawer pulls for easier access to contents. Wide frame for additional strength and rigidity. Drawer stop tabs prevent spills. Easily mounts to wall or .... Read more or Check Price

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The opinions of the customers who bought this item

Great for organizing small items. "I thought I could use for children's toys and lego but the bins would be too small""Pensavo di poter uso per giocattoli per bambini e lego ma i bidoni sarebbe troppo piccolo""""""it""I thought I could"1truefalse999040"use"2truefalse962450"for"3truefalse925560"children's toys"4truefalse923690"and"5truefalse9609100"lego"6truefalse59410110""7falsefalse53311120"but"8truefalse51112130"the bins"9truefalse47713150"would be too small"10truefalse69315190"Pensavo di poter"1"I thought I could"999truefalse"I was hoping to"0truefalse"I thought I might"0truefalse"Thought I could"0truefalse"Think I could"0truefalse016"Pensavo di poter uso per giocattoli per bambini e lego ma i bidoni sarebbe troppo piccolo""uso"2"use"962truefalse"manual"0truefalse"using"0truefalse"used"0truefalse"use of"0truefalse1720"""per"3"for"925truefalse"on"29truefalse"in"5truefalse"to"2truefalse"by"0truefalse2124"""giocattoli per bambini"4"children's toys"923truefalse"baby toys"2truefalse"children toys"0truefalse"toys for children"0truefalse"toys for kids"0truefalse2547"""e"5"and"960truefalse4849"""lego"6"lego"594truefalse"tie"0truefalse"bind"0truefalse"Legos"0truefalse"the Lego"0truefalse5054""""7""533falsefalse5556"""ma"8"but"511truefalse"but it"0truefalse"it"0truefalse"yet"0truefalse5759"""i bidoni"9"the bins"477truefalse"the drums"4truefalse"bins"0truefalse"the trash cans"0truefalse"cans"0truefalse6068"""sarebbe troppo piccolo"10"would be too small"693truefalse"might be too small"0truefalse6991"""Pensavo di poter uso per giocattoli per bambini e leg ma i bidoni sarebbe troppo piccolo"6"it"149. by Andrew Ma

I use it to store receipts and coupons as part of our budget management system so a little different then most likely. by Kay Z

This is a great value. The frame is light enough so you may want to put a guardian or a shelf under it if it is hung on a wall and will be storing heavy objects. by Customer


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