Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review Leslie Dame CD-612D Solid Oak Mission Style, Best Cabinet for looks and price

The couple of days ago. I search for information on the Leslie Dame CD-612D Solid Oak Mission Style Multimedia Storage Cabinet, so i have to tell.

Leslie Dame CD-612D Solid Oak Mission

This Solid Hardwood Mission Style Multimedia Storage Cabinet holds 612 CDs or 298 DVDs. Includes 15 Adjustable Shelves made with Handcrafted Quality. Also Features Dovetail Joints for the doors.. Read more or Check Price

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Comments from other users

This is by far the best cabinet cd that I have ever owned holding about 95 percent of my cd cd I have a lot of very well constructed easy to assemble and look beautiful in looks great ... by James Callahan

"Gorgeous ""Splendido """"""I am extremely satisfied so I order another and get rid of the old shelf that I had used""Sono estremamente soddisfatto tanto ordino un altro e sbarazzarsi del vecchio scaffale che avevo usato""""""it""Gorgeous"1truefalse908020"I am extremely satisfied"5truefalse415041""6falsefalse536451"so"7truefalse866561"I order"8truefalse865681"another"9truefalse854891"and"10truefalse8439101"get rid"11truefalse56210121"of the old"12truefalse49712151"shelf"13truefalse95715161"that"14truefalse63016171"I had used"15truefalse58417201"Splendido "1"Gorgeous"908truefalse011"Splendido ""Sono estremamente soddisfatto"5"I am extremely satisfied"415truefalse"I am extremely pleased"98truefalse"I am extremely happy"14truefalse"Am extremely pleased"0truefalse029"Sono estremamente soddisfatto tanto ordino un altro e sbarazzarsi del vecchio scaffale che avevo usato"""6""536falsefalse3031"""tanto"7"so"866truefalse"so much"0truefalse"both"0truefalse"much"0truefalse"time"0truefalse3237"""ordino"8"I order"865truefalse"ordered"0truefalse"Ordino"0truefalse"dictate"0truefalse"I command"0truefalse3844"""un altro"9"another"854truefalse"a different"0truefalse"other"0truefalse"to another"0truefalse4553"""e"10"and"843truefalse5455"""sbarazzarsi"11"get rid"562truefalse"getting rid"0truefalse"to get rid"0truefalse"get rid of"0truefalse"rid"0truefalse5667"""del vecchio"12"of the old"497truefalse"the old"0truefalse"old"0truefalse"the former"0truefalse"the old man"0truefalse6879"""scaffale"13"shelf"957truefalse"bookshelf"4truefalse"rack"1truefalse"shelves"0truefalse"the shelf"0truefalse8088"""che"14"that"630truefalse"which"0truefalse"who"0truefalse"you"0truefalse"to"0truefalse8992"""avevo usato"15"I had used"584truefalse"I used"14truefalse"had used"2truefalse"I had been using"0truefalse93104"""Splendido Sono estremamente soddisfatto tanto ordin un altro e sbarazzarsi del vecchio scaffale che avevo usato"6"it"85. It looks fancy and holds lots of DVD. by Melissa

We ordered 25 and received on 19. Wow very fast E ' was double boxed to protect it. One good thing as the outer box has been scraped. The inner box was just fine. by JEEP NUT

Large closet We had two for some time and just ordered another. We have a " bunch " of children and DVD so that it matches. by Robert Nelson


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